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always a deacon...

a shanley football story.

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Within the book of Shanley football, comes a chapter that tells the story of a young man named Michael Reimringer '63

Michael was not a player, yet his legend and contribution to Shanley football ranks him among the most beloved and storied members of the Shanley football family. Michaels calling lay in the quiet observation, in the emotional swells of victories and defeats. 


The team and their coach were more than just a group of athletes to him, they were the manifestation of integrity, hard work, and excellence. Michael found a sense of purpose and belonging in their ranks. He poured this love into a collection, not just of dry numbers, but of living memories captured in newspaper clippings and personal notes.  As the seasons came and went, the faces in the team photos changed, yet Michaels devotion remained unyielding. The echo of the referee's whistle, the roar of the crowd, the sweat and determination of the players - all these he carefully preserved long after his own graduation.

Decades later, his devotion unwavering, he and his wife Karen bestowed upon Shanley High School a priceless gift of nostalgia and history-his collection. Years of labor and love, to be shared with past and future generations of Shanley football. His compilation, a loving tribute to the team he revered, was more than a record. It was a story, a song of love and devotion, a testament to the spirit of the game, and the young men who gave it their all.


His contribution would become the definitive archive of the legendary football team, a legacy deeply appreciated and etched in the annals of the school's history.


"From working with Coach Cichy and in following Shanley's Deacons, I learned the value of integrity. Which has been so apparent in my given field of quality, adhering to rules so that the resulting products are safe for consumers."

- Mike Reimringer '63

"Mike would often hurry home during football season, read the news in the Fargo Forum, clip and mount the articles on paper and then put them in a box afterward." - Karen Reimringer

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Mike and his dad Carl, loved going to the Shanley games. Together, they enjoyed the games, talked about football and of course, loved Sid Cichy's leadership. Mike often told about how Sid would make sure every kid on the bench played in each game, regardless of their skill level. - Karen Reimringer

michael reimringer '63 collection


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